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The anechoic chamber, or anechoid, is a room that has been created and designed in such a way that it fully absorbs the acoustic waves of sound and electromagnetic waves on any of its surfaces, regardless of the space in which they are.


Eckel’s anechoic and semi-anechoic chambers are custom-designed structures to create the ideal acoustic environment in which to conduct testing and research within a number of industries and disciplines. These chambers echo-free enclosures have a 99% sound energy absorption level and are precisely designed and custom built to meet the frequency specifications required to meet demanding product testing and scientific objectives.


Acoustic teatment on walls, ceilings and floor designed to:

– Speakers, microphones, electrical components.

– Telecommunications and computer equipment.

– Clinical audiology research.


Full anechoic chambers have a working floor that allows shims to be installed on all chamber surfaces.


Eckel’s portable anechoic chambers are scaled to a size that makes them ideal for multiple applications such as acoustic testing of small devices, microphone calibration, loudspeakers free-field response testing, and small animal behavior studies.


These high-performance cameras are available in a range of sizes with low frequency cut-offs of 150, 200, 250 and 450-500 hertz.


Optional features and accesories include vibration isolation mounts, floor grill, ventilation and instrument mounts and hangers.


Their mai applications include testing related to the effect of noise and vibration on product performance and can reliably establish quality control benchmarks for mechanical, electrical and component systems. they also provide the ideal environment for testing and evaluating sound output levels of small audio devices such as cell phones, tablets and laptops.



The unique geometry of this wedge design offers a new dimension in anechoic chamber construction. 

These wedges have multiple parallel surface with tapered leading  edges that alternate 90° out of phase with each other.

This creates a sound absorbing arrangement that achieves the desired cutoff frequency with less depth than conventional wedge designs.


This wedge design represents the execution of the classic design with a perforated metal cover replacing the original fabric cover.


These easy to clean and highly durable wedges are tipically installed in chambers to test automotive products and major appliances.



The classic Eckel wedge design offers maximum broadband performance.



These cloth-covered fiberglass wedges are commonly used for testing loudspeakers, microphones and handheld devices.




Eckel’s SuperSoft test chambers offer a practucal and economical alternative for many semi-anechoic test applications.


SuperSoft chambers use proprietary corrugated panels as the interior acoustic treatment to achieve basic performance that meets ISO 3744 test standards and can also be designed to meet ISO 3745 laboratory grade test criteria.

SuperSoft chambers are suitable for a range of acoustic test facility projects where a full or semi-anechoic laboratory grade chamber is not required or is cost prohibitive. They are particularly useful for testing products that will be used on a solid surface, such as vehicles, construction machinery ad major appliances.


Eckel’s industrial facilities are design to reduce and isolate industrial sound and industrial facilities where the excesive noise is a permanent condition. Can be use to create noise control to the laboratory:


  • Machinery and equipment containment areas
  • Offices and control rooms
  • Plan testing or research laboratories


LIndividual standard panels can be used as sound barries in a variety of interior and exterior settings. Outdoor applications include placement around.


  • Water pumping stations
  • Electrical transformers
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Transportantion corridors