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Also known as DAQ (Data Acquisition) is the process of collecting information and/or samples of a physical quantity (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.) or an electrical phenomenon (current, voltage, sound, etc.) that converts the samples or information into data to be processed by a computer. An acquisition systwm is composed of sensors, amplifiers, DAQ hardware, filters and a computer or processing system with dedicated software.

Acoustic acquisition

If you want to see the sound… the equipment you need are the data acquisition system for microphone arrays, ideal for high sampling frequencies in acoustic signals, scalable, functional and compact.

Data acquisition

Dewesoft equipment is modular, portable, easy to use, acquires upto 1 million samples per second, per channel and the amplifiers are customizable according to your requirements.


The new product of the Dytran family acquires data from triaxial accelerometer and gyroscope to obtain 6 degrees of freedom, easy to install and with integrated rechargeable battery.


Flexible, portable data acquisition system and controller that can be use on any electrodynamic or servo-hydraulic shaker. Transfer data to an SD card while running in test mode, can be used independently for field data logging and analysis.