SITEC – Soluciones e Integraciones Tecnologicas


Tekscan’s patented tactile force and pressure sensing solutions provide our customers with the actionable information they need to optimize product design and improve clinical and research outcomes. Our sensors and systems are used across a wide range of applications within test and measurement, medical, dental, and retail; as stand-alone solutions or as embedded technology to create better and differentiated products.

Pressure Mapping Technology

Measure interface pressure between two surfaces, utilizing a thin and flexible sensor. The resulting data and our analysis tools offer insights to enhance product design, manufacturing, quality, and research.
What is a Pressure Mapping System?
Pressure mapping is a unique test & measurement technology and prime example of a wide-reaching R&D tool. Top tier companies have successfully used our systems to help solve application challenges, improve product design, and more.
  • Analysis tool that maps interface pressure and provides insight for a better understanding of surface behavior
    • Provides key metrics including total force, peak pressures, and center of force
    • Clear visual representation of pressure distribution
    • Multiple graph options to plot data
    • Access real time or recorded data
  • Components include: sensors, data acquisition electronics, and software
    • Over 200 standard sensors with different shapes, sizes, resolution, and pressure ranges; custom sensors available
    • High speed and wireless capabilities