SITEC – Soluciones e Integraciones Tecnologicas


In our solutions we use and integrate the most advanced equipment and instruments in the market. Our designers and developers are dedicated to find the best proposal to satisfy your requeriments.

We are specialized in:


According to the specific requirements of our customers, we develop customized projects.


We perform the integration of two or more equipment and/or devices that fulfill the required performance and standards.
For SITEC the growt in the industrial sector is important and due to this the requirements of regulations, test and equipment are more demanding.
To provide solutions to these demands our specialist offer a wide range of solutios that exceed the requirements of our customers.


Integration project that requires climatic camera, high speed camera, lighting system, data acquisition, peripheral security, graphics and real time control of all elements with a network communication protocol. This includes dedicated software with simple and intuitive user interface, where all systems are monitored and controlled remotely. Security is very important, so the system has a presence sensor, which monitors the bay and does not allow to continue while it is active, door opening and closing sensor, emergency stops, visual and audible alarm during the process, monitoring of safe temperatures according to specifications and automatic on/off control of video and lighting system.


Integrated real-time sound intensity monitoring system to find noise sources at the upper threshold by acquiring synchronized images or video (2D or 3D) and data storage.

Its versatility allows mapping multiple noise sources even if they are miles away.

With this system you will be able to see the sound, its amplitude and the distribution of various noise sources at different frequencies in noisy environments or in free field.

We take care of your projects!