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With our experience we can help you with the testing of your products in controlled environmental conditions. 

SITEC LAB is a company formed in 2014 accredited by the accreditation body A2LA under ISO/IEC 17025. We offer physical testing services in our laboratories with certified equipment, and we adapt to meet your requirements in any industry sector.


Our staff is highly trained to perform physical tests offering the best service, always looking for continuous improvement in each of our processes and the satisfaction of each of our customers. To obtain your loyalty and trust is our main objective, so we always work under the principles of honesty, responsibility and dedication.

  • Climatic Test

  • Electrical test with climatic variation

  • Vibration testing with temperature

  • Corrosion testing

  • Thermal shock testing

  • Electric testing 

  • Dust testing

  • Rain simulation test

Execution of vibration tests under international standards


  • Weathering test chambers

  • Vibration system

  • Corrosion chamber

  • Electrical

  • Data acquisition system

  • Dust chamber

  • Rain simulation

  • Mechanical shock

  • Thermal shock




SITEC LAB is the only third party laboratory in Mexico accredited with ISO/IEC17025 in these tests, and they are performed for the automotive, aerospace, electronic components and packaging industries with the ability to control temperature and humidity in the test by energizing the parts if required.

We work with national and international standards particularly: IEC60068-2-6, IEC 60068-2-27, VW 80200, GMW 3172.

Our vibration system guarantees traceability and reproducibility thanks to our Quality Management System (QMS).

Our staff is technically evaluated by the A2LA accreditation house and is constantly undergoing training.

Desarrollo de pruebas de corrosión salina

Pruebas de validación climática

SITEC LAB offers a wide range of testing services for the automotive, aeronautical, household appliances and electronics sectors, always following the highest quality standards, ensuring the reliability and repeatability of each of the results obtained.

We are your best choice for water resistance testing, IP rating evaluation, CAR WASH device simulation, cross shear resistance, HALT-HASS, acoustic testing, free fall resistance, bullet impact resistance, color measurement, gloss measurement, tensile strength, flexural strength, compressive strength, flow index determination, density determination, VICAT temperature, hardness, Charpy impact, lithium battery electrical testing and more.